Master Build Guarantees

The Master Build Guarantees are the most comprehensive products available on the market.

The Guarantees cover residential building work with a contract price of $25,000 and over and cover full-contract, labour-only and managed labour-only work carried out by a Registered Master Builder. Work by subcontractors, as well as materials and rot is covered, but conditions apply.

It is important to note that the Guarantee is not automatic upon hiring any Registered Master Builder – you must complete the documentation and ensure that it is sent through to Master Build Services.

Master Build Services has three guarantee products to choose from. They are:

  • The 10 Year Premium Guarantee
  • The 10 Year Classic Guarantee
  • The 10 Year Standard Guarantee

Full information on each guarantee is available on the Master Builders website.

Why choose a Master Build Guarantee?

The Master Build Guarantees give you added peace of mind just in case things end up out of your control.

How do you apply?

Torque Construction will offer you a Master Build Guarantee. The Application Form must be detached from the Guarantee Agreement and completed and signed by you and Torque Construction. Torque Construction must then send the form to Master Build Services for approval.

How do you know if you are covered?

Once approved, Master Build Services will send you an acceptance letter (usually within 14 days).

When the building work is finished, both you and Torque Construction need to sign a completion form and forward it to Master Build Services. This ensures that the ongoing cover once the building project is finished will be provided.

Is the Guarantee still valid if you sell your home?

Yes but the Guarantee must be transferred into the new owner’s name.

Note: The 10 Year Guarantees can be transferred multiple times.