Our Partners

Our partners include the key subcontractors and suppliers with whom we have established strong working relationships.

All of our trades people and suppliers are vetted to ensure they can meet our standards and the needs of each of our clients.

Our Build Partner: Torque Construction

Our builder of choice is Torque Construction. That’s because Torque Construction is part of our family and was set up to offer the same distinctive high quality service.

Torque Construction was founded by Justin and is our contract building company. He leads the delivery of the build programmes for Que Homes. The build programmes range from the minimalist home which demands incredible attention to detail through to standard, custom and luxury homes which are just as demanding.

Torque Construction has a well planned and timetabled approach to construction. This means that once the early stages of preparing for the build have been completed, and a start date for the build has been set, our clients can work with certainty regarding the possession date of their new pride and joy home.

Prime Partners

We have a range of well established subcontractors who deliver: electrical; plumbing; roofing and gibbing services.

In terms of building materials we also use a number of well regarded suppliers such as: Altherm Windows; Westlake Timber; Mark James Roofing; Trends Kitchens; Austral, Midland or Canterbury Clay for bricks and tiles.