In today’s world it is imperative that we do as much as possible to use recyclable materials with environmentally friendly benefits.We want your challenge to deliver to you an eco friendly result and can include a wide range of Eco focused enhancements into your design. The key areas include:


The benefits of good insulation are well known and we’re keen to make sure your heating bill stays as low as possible while you stay as warm as you can over the winter months.


If you want to be as self sufficient as possible why not start with providing as much of your own power as you can. We’ll build in whatever is achievable on your land in the way of eco friendly wind, water or solar based power creation solutions.

Water Capture and Reuse

There’s no mistaking the benefits of capturing today’s rain to reuse it anywhere on your property (at anytime).

Efficient Lighting

There a number of new lighting systems around which reduce cost in terms of the power they consume and the longer life of the bulb. They’re typically LED based and many have timer based sensors so they turn off if you forget………

Effective Low Cost Heating Systems

Keeping heating costs down while maximising heat output is critical. Again we’ll design in effective heating systems to meet your requirements. For example it might be a solution made up of a combination of solar based heating balanced by solar based electrical power.

Talk to us about what you would like whether its an internal or external solution. We’d love the challenge.